Moving forward all assignments including today's Problem of the Week will be marked for Term 2.

This week in Math students practiced adding and subtracting money and identified patterns by calculating the difference between consecutive terms to find the missing term. Students ordered off Mr. Pitt's BBQ Menu to calculate totals and then the change from a large bill. The quiz was taken on Thursday. Students will begin Multiplying Decimals on Monday as part of Chapter 4.

This week in Science students created Circuits with batteries, wires, light bulbs, motors, and propellers. They tested objects to see if they were conductors or insulators. Students created a 4-Square featuring drawings of Open, Closed, Series, and Parallel Circuits. Students also demonstrated an understanding through answering comprehension questions.



Here is your update for the past 2 weeks. Things got incredibly busy for me last week.

In Math students practiced working with decimals in terms of rounding, ordering, and comparing. Students then used base ten models to display combining values and regrouping to deduct values. This week students practiced standard addition and subtraction with the focus on lining up those decimals and displaying digits in organized columns. Students cut out a food label and displayed the value in standard, word and expanded form. Students completed the Restaurant Menu Project including a lesson on calculating the tax and tip. Students used whole value and decimal dice to add 2 values and subtract the third. Students completed the 1st Half Chapter 3 Quiz.

In Science students read about Static Electricity and wrote 5 takeaways from their reading. Students applied this knowledge to discover Static Electricity with balloons, friction, and the testing of various hard and soft objects. Students also read about Sound Energy to gain background information about decibel levels, hertz, amplitude, and pitch. Students also completed the Rubber Band Banjo to apply their knowledge of creating Sound Waves. Students also completed the Slinky Lab to notice a tie in between potential/kinetic energy and sound created by vibrations.

Grades close at the end of November and IPASS is updated. Please check for missing graded work as I have been checking in with students every few days.

I am catching up on sharing pictures of student engagement in Science.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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