8/29 Update


What a great start to school! I am psyched and look forward to many more. I received most of the forms and imagine I will have them all on Tuesday. We have life threatening nut allergies in our hallway. So, please no snacks with processed nuts in class. Fruit and gogurts will be allowed. Water bottles are encouraged. 

Math: Students proved how the corresponding letters in the alphabet add up to 100 in the word 'Attitude'. This matches the alien poster above my desk. I read to them the poem entitled "Smart" by Shel Silverstein to acknowledge irony in mathematics. Students were introduced to Grahami's. These are puzzles shown on Friday that really make students think. We then played the dice game of risk called "Skunk!". Math texts can remain at home so parents can look on with children when needed. 

Science: We raised the questions "What is Science? What do Scientists look like? Do you have to be a rocket scientist to think like one?" We watched a video on the Harvard Commencement where graduates were asked why it is warm in the summer and cool in the winter. 22 of 25 answered incorrectly which shows scientific misconceptions picked up along the journey in education. We then discussed the difference between an observation and an opinion before playing the 'Silent Observation Game'.

The kids were good so they can take Monday off! We will put the pedal to the medal on Tuesday!


Mr. Marrese
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