This week in Math students practiced reviewing problems from the first 2 months of school to shore up their skills and recall. Students practiced rolling a whole number die, fraction die, and decimal die and had to add them up deciding upon which conversion to make: both as fractions or as decimals. This is a good skill to be able to connect. On Friday students practiced adding and subtracting mixed numbers for the Topic Test on Wednesday.

This week in Science students participated in a couple experiments relating to potential and kinetic energy. The Rubber Band Shoot had students fling a rubber band off a ruler with extensions of 10-15 centimeters. Students then had to count the floor tiles that were 30 centimeters and complete a measurement value for a line graph. Students also planned in cooperative groups a plan for the creation of a roller coaster with at least 3 hills. Students then used the stage, chairs, and other various objects in the auditorium to create a functioning roller coaster that a marble could successfully run through into a cup.

Here is an iMovie of the experiments.


Mr. Marrese
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