This week in Math students practiced adding and subtracting mixed numbers with a quiz today. Zone time included work with Reflex for math facts, Front Row for skills, and TenMarks for intense problem solving. Students also practiced Common Core Review of already taught concepts to check for recall. Finally, students completed decimal, fraction, and percent conversion task cards.A new Tic Tac Challenge was issued for November and a Problem of the Week was due today. Enrichment work was offered to all students as they completed their classwork.

This week in Science students completed an Energy Reading Skill Packet after reading a 10 page selection. Students categorized a list of words for proper associations. Students created a States of Matter Foldable for review of solids, liquids, and gases. I demonstrated the Bending Pencil Experiment using a glass of water and then a glass of vegetable oil. Students were fascinated with the results. Finally, I demonstrated the mixing of unsociable liquids of blue colored corn syrup, yellow colored water, and vegetable oil to show separate layers due to density. I then dropped in objects such as a marble, quarter, crayon, and plastic coin following student based predictions upon where objects would settle.


Mr. Marrese

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