This week in Math students learned various methods to represent multiplication expressions including the distributive property and partial products. Area models were created on graph paper to show 4 products to be added to solve a problem like 15 times 16. Students were tested on the addition and subtraction of mixed numbers after solving many multi-step word problems for practice. The Problem of the Week was collected today. Students practiced test format questions on TenMarks on Tuesday and then FrontRow today. TenMarks is very challenging. Enrichment opportunities were offered for early finishers. Students played Bingo in which they had to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents to find their answer on the card. This was done really well. I amazed at what students can do at this early point in the air. We are going to take things to the next level to develop problem solvers of varied concepts.

This week in Science students learned about Sound Energy. Vocabulary included sound wavelengths, amplitude, and hertz with factors including varying temperatures and what causes a delayed echo from a baseball bat. Students completed the Rubber Band Banjo and Slinky Labs which connected to guitar strings.

Term 1 closes this Wednesday.


Mr. Marrese

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