Next week students will be taking the PARCC Test. I have shared with students how they should be relaxed and confident each day. If a question gives you trouble, write something. Don't leave it blank. Partial credit is awarded while a blank space will net zero credit. With their best effort all family, friends, and teachers will be proud. There will be no homework for the next 2 weeks.

In Math students completed a series of mixed review assessments with great success. This demonstrates their strength in problem solving while switching from one concept to the next. I identified area of weakness in the multiplication and division of decimals and then we practiced some quick checks to shore up those areas. For some it is a challenge to go from one concept to the next but it is a good practice as mathematicians to be able to think of a strategic approach using prior knowledge.

In Science students created a Mineral Learning Poster. For homework students determined if a list of minerals could be located at home. This was a great opportunity to work together with someone at home. Students then brought in a pet rock from school and wrote a paragraph description of their pet rock on a Wanted Missing Rock Poster. I then read each poster and class members had to identify the rock and return it to the proper owner. We also conducted a streak test with various types of rocks and handled mineral kits. 3 Clever Rock Songs were played from Youtube to spark students interest. We were formed this way! and We Will Rock You! 

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