Good morning!

Term 3 begins on Monday and away we go!

In Science students were introduced to Rocks and Minerals through the text, creation of a Rock Cycle Booklet, and picture overheads. We talked about the hardness of minerals according to Moh's Scale. Students brought in Rocks and Minerals from home which were very cool. Ms. Grant's class began working on a Mineral Learning Poster. I filmed some commercials for students to add to their Solar System Glogs this weekend.

Mr. Marrese's class visited the Christa McAuliffe Challenger Center to simulate a trip to Mars. This trip is always a great success as students really get into it. The Planetarium is an exciting opportunity to see Constellations and learn about the Oasis in Space.

In Math students were quizzed on the Order of Operations, Input-Output Tables, Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane, and then had to graph functions in Quadrant 1. The quizzes were good but students will continue to practice Order of Operations next week. Students then worked on Review Packets to synthesize all that they have learned this year. I will use these as another determinant for what to focus on in the coming weeks along with my data reports from Star Math, Tenmarks, and Frontrow. I am happy to report that 71% of my 2 classes earned Advanced and Proficient on Star Math including 47% of this subgroup in the Advanced category. The Problem of the Week was collected Friday and will count towards Term 3. Finally, we solved some PARCC problems to get them acclimated to the types of questions and format. I will do this once a week and that's all!


Mr. Marrese
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