We had a busy week of testing for students in both ELA and Math. The good thing was there were no surprises on the test. Students had seen it all. Our next round of testing will be the End of Year Assessments in ELA and Math. Students will also take the MCAS Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Students created 2-Dimensional Models using Geometric Tiles in response to Fraction Task Cards. You have 24 tiles. 1/2 is green, 1/6 is blue, and 1/3 is red. How many are yellow and how many of each? Students also worked on an Order of Operations Dice Game to compete for the highest overall score.
Students refreshed their memories for adding and subtracting fractions, rounding, and place value.
Finally, students were introduced to the "Design a Math" Game Project.

Students participated in the peer reading of a Rocks and Minerals packet. They took notes on each category heading. Students also worked in the Computer Lab to find answers to research questions regarding Rocks and Minerals. Here, they had many choices to pick from that were of most interest. Early finishers were given another list of choices that include writing a poem, song, or rap, writing a children's story, creating a 3-D model, or using an app to create a blabber of puppet show. The Rocks and Minerals Study Guide was given to students. We will discuss each term on Monday and students will need to make flash cards to study for the test on Thursday. They can cut pieces of paper to make the cards.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Marrese
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