Hello everyone!

What a busy couple of weeks!


Students have been reviewing specific concepts that our data showed as overall weaknesses within our group. Topics included: Metric Measurement Conversions, Expanded Form, and the Multiplication and Division of Decimals. Students also worked on Performance Task Problem Solving and practiced all 36 PARCC Sample Problems. The Design a Math Game Project is due this Wednesday and I am looking forward to seeing them. Students also took their 3rd installment of the Star Data Test since October and February. Here are the totals I will share:

October: 35% Advanced, 34% Proficient, 10% Needs Improvement, and 21% Warning
February: 47% Advanced, 21% Proficient, 22% Needs Improvement, and 10% Warning
May: 85% Advanced, 5% Proficient, 7.5% Needs Improvement, and 2.5% Warning

These are the best results I have ever seen from my 2 classes overall. I thank my students for their effort and think it would be a good idea to treat them to an ice cream cone to celebrate!

Students have been learning about Ecosystems during the past couple weeks. We have been reading and discussing both physical and behavioral adaptations of animals. We learned about Food Webs, Biodiversity, the Food Chain and Food Pyramid. Students created their own Ecosystem Pyramid and also wrote about a specific species and its type of population, community, and biome. We finished the week with an "I have...who has?" Card Game. Next week we will be creating our own terraniums. Details to follow! Thank you all for your donations!
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