Looking forward to Maynard Pride Week starting on Monday. We are having lunch at Erickson's.

This week in Math students learned about what it is like to have a budget. Students got a job and named their price, and signed on a home and car. Students had to calculate their monthly income, mortgage, and car payments, along with insurance premiums, utility expenses, food, entertainment, and miscellaneous costs. The goal was to see if your end line resulted in savings or debt. Students completed a balance sheet and wrote 3 checks. We spoke about the need for income to survive along with the importance of personal character over money. Do we value people for their money or their character? We discussed some important life skills taught to me by my grandparents as they grew up during the Depression. I explained to students that their parents are their number one teachers for determining what we value most.

This week in Science students discussed factors for how our Bottle Terraniums prospered as self-sustaining ecosystems. Students read an Adaptations Booklet and discussed the main ideas in small groups before taking unit quizzes on adaptations and photosynthesis. We ended the week with the planning for a comic strip on an animal that would have to adapt if moved to a different biome.
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