Hello everyone!

Here is this week's update

Students have worked very hard these past 2 weeks during testing in 3 subject areas: ELA, Science, Technology, and Engineering, and Math. They have done everything asked of them and have been very well behaved for long periods of time. This is very much appreciated by both Ms. Grant and myself. We are confident they performed well.

In Math students enjoyed various activities including Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Bingo, Math Twister Critical Thinking Problems, I Have...Who Has Card Games, Quick Number Sense Rundowns in their heads, and finally an opportunity to play their Math Project Games. These games will be used again on June 10th when the 5th Grade hosts Math Carnival Day. The 4th Grade Class has been invited to attend for an hour in the morning to enjoy these wonderful games. Next week students will research a lifestyle and calculate the costs in a real life budget that includes the cost of an apartment, utilities, car, clothing, food, entertainment, etc.

In Science students have started bringing home their Ecosystem in a Bottle Projects. Students are welcome to purchase fish if you wish for the bottles to see how they can survive in their ecosystem with water and nutrients as the worm currently living in their soil. This week students created a Life Cycle Poster of a species other than human. This involved research on the 4+ stages of the life cycle.

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