This week in Math students practiced solving problems from the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint. Students practiced 5 Distributive Property Problems the following day to shore up this identified weakness. Students displayed Word Form Values on Cards in Standard Form on Place Value Sliders. A quiz was taken on Thursday followed by some Place Value Task Cards that extended their thinking for open-ended responses. We practiced solving multi-digit multiplication. Finally, students solved the Paul Revere Challenge in which a Blacksmith offered to place 32 nails on his horse's shoes for $25.00 or a penny for the 1st day and double each additional day. The total was under 43 million dollars.

This week in Science students were given the opportunity to present their Science In A Bag. Students then completed the Colored Crayon Graphing Lab. They had to create a hypothesis regarding the number of each color crayon in a zip lock baggie, complete a frequency table, create a bar graph, and report on conclusions. Students later read 'Why Matter Matters!" and completed comprehension activities, and then began working on a States of Matter Foldable presenting a Solid, Liquid, and Gas.

This Sunday there will be lunar eclipse at approximately 8:00 PM.

Many assignments were not turned in on time. I followed up with each student and had them write each assignment in their assignment notebook to complete as soon as possible.


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