Students have been catching up on missing work this week. I have been entering the new grades into IPASS as I receive them. I am happy to have more students join me after school to get caught up and also to take advantage of extra help. (Please see my schedule tab.)

This week in Math students learned how to division relates to multiplication with the use of arrays, how to express word problems as numerical expressions, and were introduced to the order of operations which will be taught over a span of 5 school days. Students successfully demonstrated excellent recall in a 2-problem warm-up on how to use partial products for multi-digit factors. Students solved a multiplication racetrack to practice their 12 tables. In Zone Time students practiced problems on Reflex, Front Row and Tenmarks and also used the Ring Card set for multiplication and division which included students needing to create their own problems.

For pacing through Chapter 1 for the month of September students learned and practiced in depth 2 lessons during week 1, 3 lessons during week 2, 2 lessons through week 3, and 2 lessons through week 4 with an introduction to order of operations.

This week in Science we talked about our observations of Sunday's Lunar Eclipse. James shared an unbelievable series of photos of the moon accompanied by his tall explosion of Diet Coke and Mentos. Students experimented with the following: Diet Coke and Mentos, Alka Seltzer and Water, and Pop Rocks in Water. Students also mixed water, oil, and corn syrup to see 3 layers of liquids. Students responded in writing to questions regarding predictions, observations, and conclusions. Students learned about freezing, melting, evaporation, and condensation. Finally, students completed a Scientific Method Matching Activity to apply definitions to real-life situations.


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