Weekly Update


This week students took the Beginning of Year Test to see what students already know about the content that will be taught in Grade 5. Students will alter take a Middle and End of Year Test to measure growth.
I already sent an email about the TV show Think It Up! featuring Youcubed.org and Movie Stars on all Priimetime tonight at 8:00 PM. Students learned patterns on a multiplication table, paper folding to represent fractions, and operations using four 4's. Students also completed their first Racetrack by multiplying by 3, played Kakooma from my Apps, tried 3 Tic Tac Challenge Problems, and received their first Problem of the Week. Students were introduced to Lesson 1.1 Place Val├╣e and learned that each place value is 10 times the size of each consecutive value. We read Sir Cumference's Book All The Kings Tens.

Students discussed their interpretation of What is Science? and what it takes to be a Scientist. We viewed a video on Harvard Grads explaining the seasons in which 22 of 25 were actually incorrect. We then discussed the difference between and observation and an inference. Finally, we applied this lesson to the creation of fossil models using Play-Doh and many objects.

Responsive Classroom:
The feature highlight was the creation of a class poster entitled: Hopes and Dreams that you can view next week.

Back to School Night is Wednesday from 6:00-7:00. Please visit your homeroom teacher from 6:00-6:15 and visit next door from 6:15-6:30. Next, please visit your Specialists from 6:30-7:00.
The Book Fair will be open as well. I will offer a Google Spreadsheet for parents to sign up for Parent Conferences in October. I run them the week of October 19-23. This will include early morning and afternoon conferences. Here is the link: Parent Conference Signup

Band and Sectional Rehearsals begin next week during Recess. I have the students day list to provide reminders for all.

Picture Day is Friday, September 25th

Finally, you will be getting a call from me soon to share how things are going thus far. It's just a check-in. 


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