This week in Math students were introduced to values to the right of the decimal point: tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. We practiced the 10:1 ratio for each consecutive place value. We also practiced comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals. This is setting the table for the addition and subtraction of decimals. Students solved a Multiplication Tangle Table with a few given products to help discover the factors to multiply and complete the table. Students also completed the Chapter 2 Performance Task Problem of the Week. Students received the November Tic Tac Challenge. 

This week in Science students were introduced to Sound Energy and Electricity. For sound energy students tied yarn onto 3 equidistant points of an outstretched slinky and sprung it by releasing 5 end coils together to observe the waves. Students also read about the many forms of electricity and completed a term sheet where they had to describe each term naturally in their own words and state a real-life example either from the reading, or from what they know.

All graded work has been scanned onto this blog site and is available once you have checked IPASS. 



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