This week in Math students wrapped up our unit on the division of fractions. We will begin our Geometry Unit next week. Students are able to divide a fraction by a whole number and vice-versa to create and solve word problems. Students can begin working on their 'Design A Math Game' Project that will be due on April 27th.

All students now have access to GO Math online.

The code for students has a pattern similar to other district log ins.
Go to : Thinkcentral, (it's bookmarked on our school site)
log in is student initials and student number, i.e. tm1234
All students have the same password, abcde.
All questions are welcome!

This week in Science students learned background information about Rocks and Minerals. This included the 3 types of rocks and various examples, how they fit in the rock cycle, and mineral properties with various examples. Students also learned about some birthstones for the months of the year. Students located minerals at home and created a mineral learning poster. On Monday Mr. Cafarella Sr will be visiting our classroom for a presentation. We will conduct tests next week on minerals and complete a missing rock poster. Please send your child into school with a rock on Monday. We will be using them Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here are 3 Songs for Students to continue enjoy!

Formed This Way
Song of the Rocks
We Will Rock You


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