This week in Math students practiced comparing and converting customary units of length, weight, and capacity. Students later solved multi-step word problems using their ability to convert units. Students also practiced mixed review from all the concepts learned this year. In preparation for PARCC I took time this week to review how to bubble answers in math and I also showed students the 5 basic problem types. Students know they have been practicing these problems types all year long. I also reassured them the Problem of the Week assignments have prepared them for open-response problems on the PARCC Test.

This week in Science students completed a Photosynthesis Comprehension Activity. They later responded to an article on Behavioral and Physical Adaptations. We talked about the difference between these 2 types and how to categorize characteristics under each heading. We then made a connection to humans. The 3 Rocks and Minerals Activities were turned in and they are very impressive. James created a skit with his family that I am sharing during class.

This is the first time I can recall we are testing 2 weeks straight. I will do my best to use change of pace activities following each day of testing to help students maintain a good level of stamina.

Please take a look at IPASS as their are missing assignments that can be completed for credit.
I will take time to reach out to students next week as well.


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