This week in Math students prepared for today's Math Carnival presented to 4th graders.
We also conducted a few mathematical probability experiments. Each student flipped a coin 50 times and shared the number of heads. In one class there were 750 total coin flips. 374 were heads and 376 were tails. This represented 49.86% heads which means we missed a perfect 50/50 by a single coin toss. Some students reported 35 heads. In my other class 1 student reported 2 heads and 48 tails. The class percent for heads was 48.22%. The lesson was that as we increase the number of trials the experimental probability will approach the mathematical probability of 50%. For our next experiment students pulled colored chips out of a bag. A student tallied the 12 pulls. We then predicted how many blue, green, and yellow chips were in the bag based on the experimental results. We then wondered how often the actual number of chips would come true if we conducted 1,000 separate experiments.

This week in Science students continued their work on the Ecosystem Pyramid and Life Cycle Learning Poster of a specific species. We played a fun game of 'I have...who has?' relating to Ecosystems. Students also completed a fill in the blank vocabulary Food Web activity.

We also celebrated Maynard Pride Week with a walk around Maynard noting the historical significance of specific areas.

Our final full week is upon us and we plan to finish the school year strong!


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