It was so nice to host our Back To School Curriculum Night. Together, we have set the tone for a meaningful year for learning. Teacher/Parent Communication is a key element. Always, always, always feel free to reach out to me for anything little or anything big. I promise to do the same if I see anything during the day that would be beneficial for you to know. The other night I emphasized the importance of daily math practice at home. I want students to work on math problems for as long as 20 minutes. Please solve as many problems as you can. Students can ask me the next day if they got stuck and I will help clear the clouds away. Homework is practice!

What a great week we had in Math and Science!

This week in Math students learned a method of using partial products to multiply multi-digit numbers considering the place value of each digit. We practiced solving long division problems to assist with solving the Titanic Problem of the Week. We also reviewed exemplary student models of last week's graded Problem of the Week to strengthen expectations. Students will need to show their calculations and explain their solving strategy in complete sentences. We ended the week with a fun Hail Stone activity where students divided each even number by 2 and multiplied each odd value by 3 prior to adding 1.

This week in Science students investigated the final steps in the Scientific Method: Charting Data and representing on a data display (bar graph), and Drawing Conclusions. This was accomplished through 2 labs involving charting various colored crayons and observing differences in the mixture of 2 colored dyes in cups containing cold and hot water. We also reviewed exemplary student models of last week's graded Lab Reports to strengthen expectations. The main focus to begin the year is to capitalize the first word, use periods, and restate part of the question in each complete detailed sentence.

I am having a blast!



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