Hello everyone!

Another week has passed and we are on to October.

This week in Math students learned how to apply the Distributive Property to relate division to multiplication. Students practiced warm-up problems each day to work towards mastering this strategy. The 'sink in' time enabled students to develop their problem solving skills. As a result, students were very successful on this week's Quiz 1.6 - 1.8. Students also submitted their September Tic Tac Challenge. We will share results on Monday. We do have an online version of our Go Math Text Series. Please see below.

Thinkcentral/gomath access

Click all of the boxes in the drop down menu and click remember me or save.

all student log ins follow the same pattern. initials plus student id number- ie  tm123
the password is: abcde

You can access the student ebook, which contains all of the lessons. You can also access the Math on the Spot Videos which many children and parents enjoy. The videos will be helpful in bridging a home/school connection as they support each lesson. Additionally you will find Mega Math which includes games for all of the math content areas.I

This week in Science students mixed vegetable oil, colored water, and colored corn syrup to see how unsociable liquids mix. Students could see 3 distinct layers of liquids. Various objects including a penny, plastic penny, pencil, and die were dropped in to see how far they would travel into the cup. Students wrote conclusions on their findings. Students also reviewed the 3 States of Matter through an article and a reading comprehension activity. Students also worked towards creating a Foldable including a picture of a solid, liquid, and gas along with a written description for each.

My extra help sessions next week will be Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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