This week in Math students learned how to apply the Order of Operations for simplifying expressions. This included isolating operations within brackets. Enrichment puzzles helped take this concept to new challenging levels for students. Students are taking a quiz today to complete Chapter 1 and are submitting the Rowing Problem of the Week today. For the Problem of the Week students could recognize patterns in a table and use both division and multiplication to extend the table in both directions. Students also received the October Tic Tac Challenge which is due October 28th.

This week in Science students observed ice melting on 2 black plates: one made of aluminum and the other made of plastic foam. Students were amazed to see the ice melt instantly on the aluminum and barely at all on the plastic foam. We discussed scientific reasoning for each outcome in relation to the conductivity for attracting heat and the conversion of solids to liquids to gases. Students also were introduced to readings on the various energy forms as an overview. Students know that we will soon delve into each energy form in isolation accompanied by some very cool hands-on lab experiments including the design and creation of functioning roller coasters made using foam piping.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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