This week in Math practiced ordering, comparing, and rounding decimals. Students learned how to model addition and subtraction decimals using base ten blocks. This included replacing 10 tenths with 1 whole in addition and replacing 1 tenth with 10 hundredths to regroup in subtraction. Students solved word problems and calculated the bill for orders from a bakery. Decimal Activity Boards are available for students to select from for enrichment.

This week in Science students learned about sound energy and applied this knowledge in a slinky lab with various resistance levels to observe the behavior of the coils. Students prepared for a test on concepts including the Scientific Method, types of observations, and concepts in mechanical energy.

Personal property 
Students have been bringing to our attention the loss of personal property in our classrooms. We have asked our classes to help locate the items in the event they had been misplaced. We have spent a lot of time this fall building community in our classrooms based on trust and respect for the property of others. We always feel really bad for students whose things disappear.


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