This week in Math students practiced dividing whole numbers using bar diagrams to solve word problems. A quiz was given on Friday to check for understanding. We are on to adding and subtracting decimals. Students will also compare and order decimals in relation to place value.
On Friday students brought their restaurant order totals to class to calculate the tax and tip and make change. This activity was followed by breaking down large amounts of money into parts to make equal amounts of change.

This week in Science students completed a reading on static electricity and defined terms and examples. Students completed a 3-2-1 activity ending with something they would like to know about regarding static electricity. We watched a few Brainpop videos for a visual presentation. We completed our week with an experiment with static electricity to discover some of its properties. We rubbed 2 balloons together and touched pencil shavings, yarn, nylon, pencils, and books to see forces at work.

Next week we will have no school on Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday and Thursday each class will have their assigned day to present their Cabinets of Wonder.


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