This week in Math students learned how to multiply whole numbers by fractions through modeling and dividing out common factors. This helps students understand how we take parts of a whole like 2/3 of 9 cakes. Students were given the opportunity to solve challenges like 25/75 by 50/150 by 33/99 and then the big one: 65/196 by 84/225 by 90/169. Here students had to identify common factors of 14, 15, and 16 and then divide them out to get a simplified solution of 6/91. A new Tic Tac Challenge was given out for the month of March. A new Problem of the Week will be given out on Monday.

This week in Science students completed a study guide to be used to create flash cards for the Solar System Test. Students also explained in essay form what causes day and night, the difference between a revolution and a rotation, and why we can only see certain constellations at each time of year.


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