We are still collecting yearbook order forms.

This week in Math students completed the unit on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. The final quiz involved high-order thinking skills to solve word problems. I am driving towards increasing each student's stamina level with regard for perseverance and a positive growth mindset. Problem solving was weaved in to refresh such skills as reducing fractions and adding/subtracting mixed numbers. The Problem of the Week was based on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Students also reviewed place value, adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals from the beginning of the school year. We are off to dividing fractions by whole numbers and vice-versa.

This week in Science students completed a 12-lesson unit produced by the NHL Future Goals Program which served as a useful review for the upcoming MCAS. Students learned many applications for applying quantitative and qualitative data, and independent and dependent variables. We also learned the science of preparing the radius of hollow on a skate blade, the lie, flex, and face angle of a stick, and the materials used in goalie pads. We are off to Rocks and Minerals.


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