Students worked very hard on the ELA MCAS. They were very open-minded to computerized testing and went with the flow as we figured the semantics out together.

This week in Math students created and analyzed line graphs. We talked about how businesses make decisions for the future based on past performance or past sales like ordering toppings for a pizza parlor. Students plotted ordered pairs to create the line graphs. To end the week we played Fraction Bingo where the announced value was either in fraction, decimal, or percent form. Students either had to find the presented value or convert it another form to find it on their card. We then played another game of Bingo that included all operation skills, simplifying fractions, and converting to mixed numbers.

This week in Science students created a Mineral Learning Poster showcasing the 5 properties of minerals. To end the week students observed, analyzed, and rated 12 minerals according to these properties. I showed them a large geode, mica with peelable layers, and pumice which may be light enough to float.

Well, this break is going to feel good! I have really enjoyed having your children in my class this year. Everything is flowing smoothly and we will continue our rhythm when we return.




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