This week in Math students completed the Division of Fractions and Whole Numbers Chapter. Students had to apply their knowledge of problem solving to identify which value was the dividend and divisor. Students then had to draw a diagram to show how each value was being divided. We then started the next chapter on the creation of line plots using fractions. Here, students have to count the frequency of each amount, add each column of values, and then divide the entire total to find the average. Also, students plotted ordered pairs on a coordinate plane made up of the origin, and both x and y axis. This sets the stage for graphing functions in the coming weeks.

This week in Science students continued their introduction to Rocks and Minerals. Students read together about the 3 types of rock types making up the rock cycle including sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. They created a rock cycle booklet. Some fun, catchy songs were played from today's pop culture to help students learn useful facts. Students also were given a list of minerals to locate at home. Students also learned about the 5 Mineral Properties including Moh's Hardness Scale. Students will look forward to observing, analyzing, and testing rocks and minerals next week.

ELA MCAS is next week!


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