This week was a great one!

In Math students were introduced to converting and comparing metric measurement units in addition to reviewing all concepts in geometry. Testing for these chapters will take place following next week's MCAS.

In Science students saw samples of sand from many parts of the world in addition to a bag of fossils. We replayed some Rock Songs and took a test on the Rocks and Minerals Unit. Students were able to share their Activities with classmates which were very informative and entertaining.

Miss Corrigan's class was treated to a presentation by High School Senior Caitlin Fields who shared her Senior Project on Bacteria and Viruses. She was very knowledgeable and discussed her future goals. It was pretty powerful and inspiring for young students to meet her and hear her story. Her activity was age appropriate and exciting.

The Math MCAS is next Tuesday and Wednesday. Students have been prepared and have earned the right to do well!


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