This week students had an assembly with Mrs. Ferranti, our school nurse about upcoming back checks for Scholiosis which will occur during phys ed class on Tuesday for Mr. Marrese's homeroom and Friday for Miss Corrigan's homeroom.

Students also attended an assembly on Bike Safety. The presenter shared many useful tips for students to utilize including the care of a bike, proper clothing, and rules of the road.

In Math students practiced finding the volume of composed figures. Here, you could have multiple prisms stacked, or an irregular solid that can be strategically divided into 2 prisms. The Chapter 11 Test will be given on Wednesday. The Tic Tac Challenge will be due on Wednesday.

In Science students completed comprehension activities on Photosynthesis and Food Webs. Students also read about the types of biomes, the difference between biotic and abiotic factors, freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, and components of biodiversity. 

3 more weeks to go. Wow, time is flying by!


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