This week in Math students were tested on Geometry and Volume to conclude the final test of the school year. Students began working in class on their Math Carnival Games. Students learned about the law of mathematical probability and actual experimental probability. Students flipped a coin 50 times to test my hypothesis that we would fall within 1% of 50% for each outcome. For Ms. Corrigan's class the final results were 502 Heads to 498 Tails for 50.2%. For my homeroom the final results were 51.4%. The total aggregate did fall within 1%. We also pulled colored coin chips out of a bag and tallied the results for 3 colors. We used these results to predict how many of each color were in the bag of 12 colored chips. Based on 2 rounds both classes successfully predicted the actual number of colored chips: 6, 4, and 2.

This week in Science students created an Ecosystem Pyramid based on an animal which included the individual, population, community, biome, and biosphere. Students then selected another animal and researched the stages of their life cycle in the computer lab. Students also enjoyed the addition of duckweed, crickets, and fish into their Bottle Ecosystems. Thank you again to all parents who donated materials to make this project possible.

Permission slips should be turned in as soon as possible.



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