9/12 Update


Back to School Night is this upcoming Thursday. You will visit your child's homeroom teacher from 6:00-6:15 and then visit your other teacher from 6:15-6:30. You can visit all Related Arts Teachers from 6:30-7:00.

Here is the Parent Conference Schedule Link for Mr. Marrese's Homeroom.

This week students practiced identifying place value. We realize that each consecutive place is 10 times the neighboring value. We worked with both whole numbers and decimals. Students created a Country Poster featuring the population of a country in standard, expanded, and word form. Students practiced modeling mixed numbers with base ten models. Students found food labels with decimals and presented them in standard, expanded, and word form. Students completed their first Problem of the Week. The week ended with a quiz review followed by a quiz. Numerous enrichment opportunities were offered to all students.

Students started the week with a Scientific Discovery Day. I read them an article about a rescue of 2 people from a shark attack. Grace Charron shared some incredible artifacts including a saber tooth, multi-million year old rock, petrified wood, and elephant tusk. This should help us get into a good rhythm but will be a tough act to follow. Students completed some lab work in order to practice learning aspects of the Scientific Method such as creating a hypothesis and making conclusions. We placed gummy bears in water overnight and observed the results. We also dropped blue and yellow dye in both cold and hot water cups to observed immediate results and differences. Finally, students volunteered to present their Science in a Bag. A most interesting find among many was a small collection of arrowheads by Isabel Feehily.

Responsive Classroom:
This week students shared personal experiences from their past weekend. We also continued reading the book "Crash" which focuses on anti-bullying. We practiced an Addam's Family Greeting. We then each wrote 3 statements: one that is true about you and the entire class, one that is true about you and about half of the class, and finally one that is unique to only you. A student read a card while the class stood. Students sat down when it wasn't true about them. We then discovered and learned something about the student standing. In some instances some students did have the final fact in common. Students learned that Mr. Marrese is a television star. Check out the star in Row 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrIRsWVpD28

See you Thursday!

Mr. Marrese

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