It was great to see everyone last night. In case you missed it, here is a short video made by the students.


Math: Students practiced comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals. This included using place value dice where students rolled 3 dice and had to all write down the number and see if they all agree. Students answered an 8 problem checkup on rounding and will prepare for a quiz on Tuesday. The Titanic Problem of the Week was due today. The next one will be due October 3rd. Moving forward, students will be working on Reflex Math in the computer lab every Tuesday and Friday. I will provide them with their passwords if they forgot. This should also be done at least a couple times a week at home. I get weekly reports so I know who is participating and how often. Students have Sumdog.com passwords taped in their Assignment Notebooks. The Tic Tac Challenge will be due Friday, September 26th.

Science: Students created a bar and line graph and learned the difference between these 2 data displays. This prepared students to complete the Colored Crayon Lab in which they had to write a hypothesis and count the number of each color crayon to create a bar graph.

Thank you,

Mr. Marrese
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