10/24 Update


This week was another busy one with student pictures, parent conferences and a visit from Drumlin Farms. I think the students enjoyed the 1/2 days. Below is this week's update.

This week in Math students worked with fractions on multiple skills including identifying multiples, finding the least common multiple between 2 numbers, the least common denominator between 2 fractions, and then writing equivalent fractions after multiplying a fraction by 1 whole written as 2/2. Students also converted improper fractions to mixed numbers so they will know what to do with the solution next week. Students combined fraction pieces like 1/2 and 1/4 and had to model the answer the 3/4 with pieces underneath that fit exactly across. The Problem of the Week and Menu Restaurant were collected. I look forward to grading them. Students will follow up next week during Zone Time with more practice on adding and subtracting decimals. Students began a new program called Front Row. The Class Code is now inside each assignment notebook. This program identifies each student level and tailors practice for completion. It looks good!

In Science students continued converting metric units like kilometers to meters to centimeters and millimeters. This also applied to grams and liters as basic units with a quiz at the end of the week. Drumlin Farms visited this week and gave a presentation on a Turtle. Each class also saw either a Canadian Goose or Duck. The presenter discussed their upbringing, behavioral tendencies, habitat, and adaptations. It was very worthwhile for the students and will set up our unit in the Spring.

Tutor Available
Mrs. Ellen Lewis who assists in our classrooms has offered her services as a private tutor. Please feel free to contact her for additional details at: elewis@maynard.k12.ma.us

A Note From Prodigy...


This email is to let you know that we’ve been working around the clock to address a bug that occurred in the last week which caused some students to lose their character's progress. Although this issue only affected approximately 1% of our students, we wanted to ensure that each child was able to retain the progress that they worked so hard for.

With that in mind, Prodigy will be temporarily offline tonight between 11pm and 8am EST as we restore the lost progress for each of these students. If any of your students are still missing their progress tomorrow morning, please contact us right away at support@prodigygame.com and we’ll be happy to fix it for them.

We really appreciate all of your patience in this matter, and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused both you and your students.

All the best,

The Prodigy Team

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