This week students visited Ice House Landing by the Assabet River for a program put on by Drumlin Farms. Here, students participated in testing water samples for safety regulations and viewed water samples through magnifying lenses to view marine life and sediment. Students also ventured through the paths to discover animal habitats and layers of the earth beyond this year and last year's leaves.

In Science students read 2 Energy Packets to gain background information on the various forms of energy. These types were accompanied by real-life examples that will be practiced in our future in-class labs. Students learned a catchy song about the difference between potential and kinetic energy. http://youtu.be/vl4g7T5gw1M

In Math students completed Halloween Task Cards that focused on the addition and subtraction of decimals. Students used fraction sets to combine fractions that had to be converted into mixed numbers. 2-step problems containing parentheses were given so students could identify which operation to address first. We then practiced writing equations from word problems and modeled them using bar diagrams. On Friday students had the opportunity to order off their classmate's menu and make change from the total order using fake money. The October Tic Tac Challenge was due on Friday.

During Zone Time students worked on Front Row and Reflex Math. Front Row tailors work for each student based on their level. Later, students practiced Common Core Mixed Review from the school year including the addition and subtraction of decimals.


Mr. Marrese
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