Hello everyone!

We enjoyed our 1st week in our new wing. It was great to be all set to go for our students.
Picture Day is Monday. Forms are going home today.

Parent Conferences are next week. My class is on the 2nd floor above the main lobby. My room is clearly labeled at #206.

In Math students reviewed 4th grade fractions to help build a foundation for our future lessons of adding and subtracting fractions. We utilized fraction apps to shore up our skills in identifying equivalent fractions, reduced fractions, and proper ordering from least to greatest. On Thursday students brought in their Project Bill Total to calculate the tax and tip in class to satisfy that requirement. Next, students will subtract the grand total by a large amount to make change and complete the creation of their menu for next Thursday's final due date. The Deli POW was collected today. Students discovered fractions from pattern blocks and polygons on dot paper for how to display a shaded fraction part of each whole polygon. Students had 2 sessions in the Computer Lab for Fact Fluency.

In Science students reviewed for the Customary Measurement Quiz. Later in the week students were introduced to Metric Measurement and how to make conversions between base units. Students also measured various parts and items in our classroom like their new lockers, their desks, chairs, the shelf, white board, and entire room. Students brought in the dimensions of a room in their house. In class we found the perimeter and area of their rooms.


Mr. Marrese

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