Students should be writing in their assignment notebook each day. You can check my site daily to confirm at: https://sites.google.com/a/maynard.k12.ma.us/grade-5---mr-marrese/home/about-this-class/homework

Our move to the 8th grade hall is only a week. away and our homerooms have been instrumental in helping during our morning advisory periods.

In Math we practiced adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals. Students found the perimeter of polygons and then were given the perimeter and had to find the missing side length. Students also rolled decimal dice 2 at a time to find the sum and then the difference. We then modeled problems and solutions by using rectangular boxes and grid paper with 2 colored pencils. As a life lesson we talked about the importance of counting backwards to make change at a business. For example, $17.55 from $20.00 would net $2.00 and an additional $0.45. A quiz was given on Friday and the Problem of the Week was collected on Friday. Numerous enrichment opportunities at my front table including "How many movies can you see in a day" based on a movie times listing and "Cruising" relating to Carnival Cruise Lines.

We also completed a Multiplication Facts Assessment to see how many problems could be answered correctly in 1 minute.

Online students now have accounts for Reflex, Sumdog, Prodigy, and TenMarks. These usernames and passwords are glued to the inside cover of their assignment notebooks.

In Science students were given an introduction to customary measurement. We practiced identifying the parts of a whole inch up to the sixteenths. We then explored equivalent lengths that could be reduced like 8/16 is equal to 1/2. Finally, we made conversions like 5 feet = 60 inches along with applying yards and feet. Weight and Capacity are coming next week.
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