This week was quite a busy one. Thanks to the students community effort our classroom is ready to go for Tuesday. I could not have done it without them. We used a few 30 minute blocks during homeroom combined with Responsive Classroom time to make trips upstairs. During the closing minutes of Math Blocks I asked 10 students on about 10 different occasions to bring up some light materials and be back in time to settle in for ELA Block with Ms. Grant much like if I sent a student to the office with a note or a student ran to the bathroom.

A big, huge round of applause for making the best of a less than ideal circumstance. We pulled together and got the job done. Now, we have a new home that is conducive to learning. Students can feel good about helping their teacher who always helps them!

This week students participated in a review on rounding decimals. We practiced strategies for solving 2-step problems such as combining 2 prices and subtracting from a large amount to make change. Students were tested on Topic 2 for rounding, adding and subtracting. decimals. We played Number Sense Games like Mathmeticles, FizzBuzz, and Skunk. Students had 2 doses of Lab Zone Time. Finally, students were introduced to the Restaurant Menu Project. The Bill Totals are due next Thursday with the final due date the following Thursday. Next week we will introduce basic fractions to set the stage for adding and subtracting fractions. Here, we will be able to make connections between decimals, fractions, and percents.

Students practiced converting customary measurements for weight and capacity. This included examples such as how many pounds are in 3 tons, ounces in 4.5 pounds, fluid ounces in 2 quarts, and quarts in 2.5 gallons. I filled a 1 gallon measuring container with water and poured the water into the 1/2 gallon, quart, pint, and cup containers. The diagram handout showing GallonBot has a story to it. In the Kingdom of Gallons there lived 4 Queens and each Queen had 2 Princes. The Queen was very demanding and stated that each Prince must provide her with 2 Cupcakes. This aligns with the Conversion Table for Gallons-Quarts-Pints-Cups. Next week there will be a quiz and then we will convert metric measurements and measure our classroom and items in it.

Parent Conferences are right around the corner.


Mr. Marrese
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