This week in Math students practiced for the multiplication of whole numbers quiz and topic test. These concepts and techniques included exponents, expanded form, volume, modeling, and problem solving. The Problem of the Week was based on metric measurement conversions involving the multiplication and division of powers of ten. We ended the week with a check up on basic division facts and 2-digit value number sense such as 64/32 = 2 with no remainder. Concepts in division begin next week.

There are going to be some adjustments in instructional technique beginning next week. I am going to practice the workshop model for more efficient management of various activities. Here, students will practice concepts in a small group setting with me while the 2 other groups will work on various activities including computer programs, math facts, multi-step word problems, dice and card games with game boards like Bingo, etc.

Also, we will be using the GoMath Text Series. I will photocopy everything for students as I have access to the online site. Envisions textbooks can be returned Monday. We have found that the GoMath Text Series is current and breaks down the problems in a clear and thorough manner, and helps with remediation of concepts. This will prepare students for the PARCC Test in the Spring. I don't particularly care to change things in mid-year, but it's my job to make things better when the opportunity arises.

In Science students participated in a Light Reflector Lab where students reflected light off an object onto a white index card used as a screen to see if the object actually reflected the light. Objects included a convex mirror, flat mirror, eraser, smooth and wrinkled foil, and red and black paper. Students recorded their observations and wrote a summary. Students then spent the remainder of the week on the creation of a Circle Flip Book on Light Energy. A Rubric was followed by students stating clear expectations. This consisted of a Title page entitled 'Properties of Light' and 4 Written Paragraphs with illustrations based on how light behaves. We will be starting the Solar System very soon.

Thank you,

Mr. Marrese
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