Final Update

Hello everyone!

We will take a final collection for the Holiday Food Drive next week so keep'em coming!

We had a very productive week with our new workshop model in Math. Large in part students worked in groups of 6-7 with me for instruction and guided practice, and alone on number sense card and board games, enrichment activities, division facts, and review of taught skills - a different combination each day. Students learned how to divide with a zero in the quotient, estimate a large 2-digit value into a large 3-digit value, and then take on the application of base-ten models and partial quotients. The base ten concept was brand new to students and required an introduction followed by a 2nd day of practice and then a homework recap on day 3. It is a new way of thinking about values involving place value and area models. We probably wouldn't pull out blocks at the restaurant, but it does add a valuable tool to the tool belt. The December Tic Tac Challenge came in early from most students this month. Frequent check-ins help with this success. Students will take a 10-problem division quiz on Monday following Friday's quiz review. I would like to get all my math text books returned before the holiday.

In Science students were introduced to the Solar System. This helps give students a sense of time in our universe in that our life span could represent a particle of sand on a beach considering references dating back millions of years ago. The Sun will someday flame out! What? Who wants to think about that? We read a general description of the moon and types of planets as a psyche up for the 2 plus month unit. Students created an orbit model of the sun, moon, and earth. Students then began their study of a zodiac constellation referencing mythological stories. They will be drawn out on black paper with aluminum foil balls and chalk. I showed students my SkyView apps to see the actual location of all constellations and planets. I always learn something each year from my students through their sharing. This comes from your conversations and encouragement to learn more about the Solar System. Children are fascinated! On Monday we are going to make slime! Gross!

This is it until the New Year so Happy Holidays! Enjoy the Magic!

Mr. Marrese
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