Next week students will enjoy a field trip to the Christa McAuliffe Institute. Mr. Marrese's class will visit on Thursday and Ms. Grant's class will visit on Friday. Please pack a bag lunch.

This week students practiced multiplying and dividing decimals using base-ten models. They also practiced all 4 mixed operations and word problems to pull it all together.Students worked on TenMarks in Lab 2 times this week. Students need to work at home on Front Row and Tenmarks for a total of 3 times per week. The Project Checkpoint is due this Wednesday. Students need to complete the Cost Spreadsheet page and Math Calculation Totals page. This is important in helping students organize their time and get started right. It also prevents students from beginning their project the weekend before it is due.

Students should be updating their Moon Calendar daily. I introduced students to a site called http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/space_time/ to learn up to the minute news on our Solar System. We discussed some great articles about a new Solar System in the Goldilocks Zone, the Spacecraft Dawn's continued findings on Ceres, and the Asteroid that will fly by Earth on January 26th. Students watched simulated videos on how a Supernova produces a black hole, the Big Bang Event, and formation of the Milky Way on Science A-Z. Students completed 2 Study Guides on the Solar System to round out the background information segment of the unit. Next week students will take a test. They will then begin their Solar System Glog Project which will be worked on in the computer lab. Students may work at home too if they wish. I will send you a Google Folder for submitting your 5 documents. If you do not have a google account, students may print the documents and hand them in. The directions will be given to students next week. Students need to work at home on the JogNog Site at least 2 times a week.
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