I would like to thank students for their birthday wishes!

Mr. Marrese's class has the field trip on Monday and Ms. Grant's class the field trip on Thursday. We will keep you posted on any changes due to weather.

Students have been multiplying fractions and mixed numbers this week after last week's finale on dividing decimals. We are trying to get into a rhythm and flow with daily lessons despite the many snow days. Yet, we will soon move into the division of fractions by a whole number and vice-versa with practice of decimals factored into zone time. I will schedule a division of decimals quiz retake once I have time to practice more with students. The Birthday Bash Project is due next Wednesday.

Students are writing their 5 paragraph essays on the Solar System using Word and Drive. It would be great for everyone to be able to use their school student email to write and share their essays in Google Drive so they can be linked onto their Glog Site. In the right-hand corner of your gmail page, you will see a 9 box array of google apps. Click here to see Google Drive. I will help students with this next week in class. To learn about it yourself, please watch the opening 3:33 of this Youtube Video. I will share my Glog Folder with you in another email.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRClP2T6jr8 All questions are welcome to be able to link your essays to your glog site.

Google Student Email
Username: first initial, last initial, lunch code @ s.maynard.k12.ma.us
Password: Tigers #1 - You can change this after if you want to!

To join JogNog, please paste in the given code and select 'Join Class'. Next, type in your first and last name for each of the 4 strands and you will successfully be part of my class.
The code is: 4QXQAR7

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