Mr. Marrese's class will be visiting the Christa McAuliffe Center on Thursday. Please pack a lunch for the trip.

In Math students practiced graphing functions on the coordinate plane through the creation of input/output tables. Students also practiced solving order of operation problems and algebraic problems. I shared the directions to the PARCC Math Test and discussed strategies for the first 5 practice problems on the test. In Zone Time we connected the graphing of ordered pairs to geometry and answered problems relating to the properties of 2-dimensional figures. On Friday we celebrated Pi Day which is officially Saturday. I read Sir Cumference's The Dragon of Pi, and shared old nursery rhyme songs written to Pi which lasted about 3.14 minutes.

In Science students used the final 2 days to complete their Solar System Glogs. We will showcase them in class with tours led by the students. I still have not filmed most of the commercials, but will look to next week during homeroom. We then introduced the Rocks and Minerals Unit with a review of Earth's 4 Layers. Students learned some interesting facts through a reading and brainpop video both including question and answer. Students then created an artistic model of Earth and its 4 Layers.
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