In Math students worked on various concepts to strengthen their problem solving skills.
These concepts included: multiplying and dividing whole numbers, completing geometric puzzles based on increasing and decreasing patterns of parts of a whole, classifying geometric shapes, order of operations, and finding the volume of irregular figures. Enrichment opportunities included Kakooma, Expresso, the Pizza Task, coordinate plane puzzles with quadrant 1, and then all 4 quadrants. Students then played Bull's Eye.

In Science students worked on an Organizational Ecosystem Pyramid Assignment, 20 multiple choice ecosystem problems, and MCAS problems from the past 3 years. Students also created their own Terranium Bottle Biology Ecosystems. These will sit for about 10-14 days to grown grass or plants. We will be discussing how it works next week. Students will be able to buy fish for their bottles and place them in to live.

Testing begins next Tuesday with the practice test. The PARCC ELA test is Wednesday.
The Science, Technology, and Engineering MCAS Test is Thursday and Friday.

For the following week we have another practice test on Tuesday. The PARCC MATH Test is Wednesday and Thursday.

There will be no homework over the next 2 weeks.

Thank you,

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