This week in Math students began dividing whole numbers. Our initial lesson focused on where to place the first digit in the quotient. The second lesson focused on the dividing by a single digit. The third lesson focused on dividing using base ten models to create a rectangular array. We spent 3 days working on this lesson alone to help students develop a comfort level. See sample model pictures below. Students also brought in their restaurant menu totals to class on Friday so we could calculate the tax and tip in class. Students also practiced math facts for all operations and will continue to do so throughout the year.

There is now a fully stocked Enrichment Display on my classroom side shelf for students to access as they please throughout the school year.

From Parent Conferences I am happy to hear that both students and parents are utilizing my lesson videos for homework support and for when students are absent.

This week in Science students participated in lab experiments centered around the 2 types of mechanical energy: potential and kinetic energy. Students bounced 4 types of balls from the height of a full meter stick and counted the bounces of each ball type. These were then recorded and graphed in a data display graph. Students also participated in the Rubber Band Shoot where they flung rubber bands from 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 cm. Each distance was calculated by using the floor tiles. Each floor tile was recognized as being 30 cm long. Metric rulers were used to measure the remaining cm. Data displays were created. All activities ended with critical thinking questions to create inquiry about how and why each event occurred.

There is 1 more week in October. The time is flying by!



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