Weekly Update


This week in Math students reviewed concepts in Chapter 1 relating to Properties of Addition and Multiplication, Order of Operations, and Multiplication of Whole Numbers and Exponents. Students also had a lesson on calculating Perimeter and Area and also finding the missing side length. Enrichment within these topics were completed to present challenges for all students.

Students should be practicing math concepts on my online websites at least 3 times a week at home.
Also, I would like students to continue to practice their math facts as well.

This week in Science students reviewed the Reading and Comprehension Packets and prepared short group presentations for each form of energy. Here is a video of Mr. Marrese's Class. We will get Ms. Grant's class next time. https://youtu.be/OpNPm4OaLY4 Students know that this overview of the forms of energy will be followed by time spent on each form accompanied by labs. Students learned the Potential and Kinetic Song. Potential and Kinetic Energy Song

Next week we will hold Parent Conferences. If you have a conference with me, please check the sign-up as your reminder. Parent Conference Signup

Students have begged me to send home the infamous soccer goalie video of Scott Sterling.
Scott Sterling Video

Have a great weekend!


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