Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving!

We are ending our school week on a positive note. I am enjoying 2 very sweet classes who come to school ready to learn and enjoy each other's company. If you believe, you can achieve!

Thank you very much for the collection of 60 batteries. I really appreciate your generous response to help bring our future experiments to life with circuits and flashlight findings.

Yesterday, Rob Surette visited our school to demonstrate his interpretation of Hero Art. Rob is the world's fastest portrait painter. Rob spoke about his childhood and close relationships with his grandparents. Support was the key factor in encouraging Rob to become a painter. Rob painted Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa while we watched video footage of their great work. Rob spoke about the importance of believing in yourself so that you can accomplish great things: Be Somebody! Rob displayed portraits of Princess Diana, a NYC Firefighter, Gandhi, and many others. Rob's gift to our school is a portrait of Tom Brady which will be displayed in our lobby. Everyone benefits from an inspirational boost. It makes you stop and think!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy an enjoyable and peaceful Thanksgiving before we approach the very busy month of December! Try to think of something to do that is fun and does not cost anything!

Take great care,

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