This week in Math students were introduced to Chapter 4 Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals. We are on a lesson a day pace as we are practicing the same concept with nuances like modeling a problem on hundredth grids, placing the decimal in a product based on the factors, using the distributive property, partial products, and expanded form using the area model. We will complete Chapter 4 by the Holidays and begin Chapter 5 when we return. All I am hearing is that the daily work is easy and this is music to my ears. Students are taking the time to see if their products are reasonable using our whole number strategies especially with the placement of the decimal.

This week in Science students were introduced to Light Energy. Students read a packet and then later from their text. They had to read a section and write their 2-3 main takeaways in their Science Journal. Once completed, students had to retell with classmates from other groups sections like "What is Light? How does Light Behave? What is Refraction?" This will pave the way for our flashlight findings, the bending pencil, and creation of a light energy circle book.

This week in lieu of Responsive Classroom on Wednesday and Thursday students visited in many cases new classrooms for a variety of offerings including Math Enrichment, Lexia, a Book Club Study, and Heritage Project. More information is to follow.

I have a side shelf of Enrichment Work for students to work on as they wish.
My after school schedule moving forward is going to be mostly on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday with some on Tuesday.

Finally, this past Wednesday I participated in the WEEI Sports Radio in concert with Molson Canadian Bubble Hockey Tournament in Foxboro for a chance to win a pair of Winter Classic Tickets. I won 1-0 in overtime to claim the prize. Please feel free to ask your child about the rest!

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