I want to start by saying our students writing has really improved in terms of sentence structure, grammar conventions, and details since September. Kudos to all the hard work!

This week in Math students completed a quiz on the multiplication of whole numbers and decimals which went very well. During the rest of the week students learned how to multiply decimals by decimals through the strategy of overlapping columns in area models and how to place the decimal point in the product. Students also completed an activity on paying purchases with numbers of large bills to make change. Students interacted with the decimal dice to add 2 dice and subtract the third die. Students will have a quiz on Tuesday to complete the multiplication of decimals chapter. The Chapter 3 Problem of the Week was collected on Friday and the December Tic Tac Challenge will be collected on Tuesday.

This week in Science students reviewed the concepts from the previous week's readings on Light Energy. The Bending Straw Activity showed refraction which is the bending of light. Students also viewed the central beam of light of a flashlight through paper tubes set just above the flashlight to show how light travels in straight lines. Students tested several various items to see if when struck by light they were transparent - letting light through, translucent - letting some light through, or opaque - letting no light through. Light that does not pass through is absorbed. Finally, we read about some careers involving light that including the work of photographers, eye surgeons, pyrotechnicians, and lighting designers.

Wednesday Class Project Activity:

Dear Parents,

The fifth grade is planning a structural engineering project and competition for next Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will follow the design and engineering process to plan and build their structures. 
We need mini- marshmallows for this project. If you are out shopping this weekend, we would love some donations of mini-marshmallows.

Thank you in advance!

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