Hello everyone!

IPASS has been updated. Students should see me next Wednesday or Thursday after school about missing work.

The past 2 weeks in Math students have been introduced to fractions. This has included finding common multiples to create equivalent fractions and common factors to simplify fractions. This week we have been adding and subtracting fractions. Practice will continue through next week. In Zone students have solved many fraction problems presented with pattern blocks and different regions of a 4-sided figure and circle.

The Birthday Bash Project is due on Tuesday. All aspects should have names and be turned in together. This includes the cost sheet that I glanced at last week as a checkpoint.

The past 2 weeks in Science students have learned about the moon phases, earth's motions, the planets of the Solar System, stars and constellations, and if Ceres and exoplanets containing water can support life. Students are beginning the essay portion of the Solar System Glog Project. Students will respond to 5 prompts in their Google Drive account before beginning the creation of their Glog on any planet with the exception of Earth. Here is my example: http://cmarrese.edu.glogster.com/solar-system/ All work for this project can be done in school. Students are welcome to work on it at home if they wish.

Our Field Trip to the Challenger Center was excellent. It was great to see the students interest and enthusiasm for space travel.

I am off to the Super Bowl for what should be a fun exciting weekend! My one and only!


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