Hello everyone!

Here is an update for the past 2 weeks.

In Math students have been learning how to multiply fractions and mixed numbers. Students have practiced modeling in square unit grids to show co-shaded areas that define the solution to help make the connection. A quiz was given this week along with a quick check yesterday. Students are doing well with multiplying fractions. We will continue to work on solving word problems that make up much of the quiz. Everyone is welcome to retake the quiz to show improvement and increase their understanding early next week.

In Science students have been finishing up their Solar System Glogs which look awesome. They will be presented next week in class. Students have also been reading Solar System articles on sciencedaily.com and writing summaries in Drive that have been shared with me online. This is an introduction for many of how to submit work in the upper grades. We are headed toward Rocks and Minerals very soon following some Solar System assessments next week.


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